We are a boutique firm that protects businesses, investors and entrepreneurs in high-stakes legal disputes in California, New York and around the country. We regularly defend clients in complex class actions, trade secrets, antitrust, intellectual property, unfair competition, employment, M&A, founders’ disputes, investment litigation and contested bankruptcy matters. Our lean staffing and aggressive strategies help our clients out-maneuver their adversaries to achieve favorable outcomes—whether at an early stage of the litigation or at trial. We also provide transactional services for early-stage ventures and start-ups in the consumer products and technology industries. We encourage alternative fee arrangements, including mixed contingency and success fees, to better align interests with our clients. Learn more about our firm.

Since our founding in 2009, we have secured ground-breaking judgments and settlements exceeding several billion dollars, including a highly publicized Top-100 national trial judgment. Our cases and results are regularly featured in industry press. We are one of the only litigation firms to have successfully dismissed and resolved over 40 class actions without a single class ever certified against a firm client. Learn more about our experience.  

As part of our mission, we actively pursue pro bono and impact litigation where we can make a significant positive difference in the world. We have represented leading environmental and civil rights organizations across a wide array of issues. Our class-wide injunction on behalf of abused nursing home residents was featured in a TV news documentary that won an Emmy Award in 2015. Read about our impact litigation matters.