We are experienced commercial trial lawyers who have litigated the full range of disputes for businesses domestically and internationally. Our clients include publicly traded companies, tech startups, private equity funds, hedge funds, small businesses, entrepreneurs, executives and non-profits. Major cases we have resolved include disputes involving:

Class Action Defense  ·  Trade Secret Misappropriation  ·  Antitrust  ·  IP Rights   ·  M&A Litigation  ·   Patent Litigation  ·  Trademark Litigation ·  Investor Disputes  ·  Founder Disputes·  Federal Regulatory Investigations  ·  Bankruptcy Creditor Litigation  ·  Mass Torts  ·  Judgment Enforcement  ·  Qui Tam Litigation  ·  CA Prop 65  ·  Contract Disputes  ·  Insurance Coverage  ·  Unfair Competition  ·  Professional Liability

We also regularly advise investors and entrepreneurs in connection with pre-acquisition and sale legal risk. Please contact us for more information about our litigation experience in a specific area of law.